From drills to rotavators we can provide you with almost every tool to assist you achieve that premium finish every time. All product’s in our Tool and Equipment range are available for both rental and purchase.

Landscaping & Gardening

Landscaping & Gardening Hire or purchase
Leaf blower / vacs Turf Cutter
Rotavator & Cultivator Turf Roller
Chainsaw Brush Cutters & Strimmers
Earth Drills  

Pumping & Drainage

Pumping & Drainage Hire or purchase
Sub Pumps Sludge Pumps
Trash Pumps Residue Pumps

Handling & Lifting

Handling & Lifting Hire or purchase
Pallet truck Sack Truck
Site Trolleys Site Skips
Kerb Lifters Block Cart
Block Grab Floor Crane

Access & Ladders

Access & Ladders Hire or purchase
Acro props Strongboy masonry supports
Access Towers Roof Ladders
Podium Towers Heavy Duty Ladder
Lightweight Steps Man Basket
Trestle Systems  

Concreting & Mixing

Concreting & Mixing Hire or purchase
Concrete pokers Petrol & Electric Mixers
Tub mixers Screeding tools
Tampers & Rollers Powered Trowels

Breaking, Cutting & Grinding

Breaking, Cutting & Grinding Hire or purchase
Drills Rockbreakers  
Hydraulic powerpacks Cutting Saws
Tile Saws Grinders
Block Cutters Floor Saws

Trestle and guardrail system

Trestle and guardrail system Hire or purchase
The guardrail protection comes with integral handrail, toeboard and 50x50mm mesh guarding in one unit - panels are available in solid and hinged formats to aid material loading.

Ladder Frame Tower

Ladder Frame Tower Hire or purchase
Single width tower: 700mm Double width tower: 1350mm
Working heights, single width tower: 3410mm – 9910mm    Working heights, double width tower: 3410mm – 14090mm
Platform SWL: 250kgs Tower SWL: 750kgs

Apex Plant Haulage

Excavators & other plant
Access equipment
Agricultural machinery & implements
Military vehicles & equipment
Abnormal loads
Escorted loads
Port & shipping services
Earthmoving equipment
General site equipment

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